Mr. Avinash Razdan

Honorary Treasurer - ACFI and Chief Executive Officer, Delhi Cargo Service Center

Mr. Avinash Razdan
CEO – Delhi Cargo Service Center Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Avinash Razdan’s expertise spans Accounting and Internal Control Systems, Corporate Financial Management, Fund Raising, Taxation, Mergers, De-Mergers, Business Plan Evaluation Budgeting and ERP Implementation

Mr. Razdan, FCMA, MBA(Fin), PGDMM, B.Sc, has 23 years of experience and has successfully managed and implemented various programmes such as SAP (ERP), Merger, De-merger, Fund Raising, Expansion cum Modernisation etc during his previous work experience in the manufacturing sector.

As ex-CFO of Delhi Cargo Service Center, Mr. Avinash Razdan heads its Accounts & Finance Administration, Fund Raising, Business Control Systems, ERP Implementation and Financial Planning & Budgeting activities.