Ms. Vandana Aggarwal

Senior Economic Advisor, Ministry of Civil Aviation

Presently, serving as Senior Economic Adviser (Additional Secretary Grade), in the Ministry of Civil Aviation, she is the Divisional Head for Economic Regulation, Air Cargo, the Indian and Global economic and competition issues, tax and GST matters, aviation financing and aircraft leasing, aircraft manufacturing and MRO, developing aviation passenger and cargo hubs in India and data eco-system development.

She has served in various Ministries/ Departments of the Government of India gaining on-the-job knowledge and experience of economic administration, particularly infrastructure development with public and/or private participation, trade policies, industrial policies, fiscal policies, foreign investment, external debt and capital markets, and Centre-State financial relations. She also has experience of handling internal and external security, law and order, disaster and crisis management, political, judicial, and external affairs, atomic energy, and space sectors.

She has been a trade negotiator for India on the Doha Development Agenda of the World Trade Organisation for about 12 years, and has also held responsibility for settlement of inter-Governmental disputes under international trade laws.